Comprehensive Intelligence Analytics

A single source for the competitive intelligence, trending data, and consumer sentiment information you need to stay ahead of your competition and on top of the market.

Product Highlights

Using both speech and text based semantic technology across multiple analog and digital media, Yactraq’s comprehensive intelligence analytics can provide a wealth of business intelligence and high impact analytics from a national level down to a local level.

The ability to monitor multiple channels from local radio & TV to Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook will allow our clients to quickly ascertain multiple competitive advantages on both what their competitors are up to and how the client themselves are trending.

Utilizing our proprietary technology and custom vocabularies, Yactraq monitors media of interest to the client for topic based content aligning to the client’s priority silos, capturing relevant data that is fed into a robust database which can be accessed through an easy to use front end to deliver actionable insights and drive rapid responses to changes in the landscape of an increasingly complex marketplace.

Competitive intelligence across multiple media down to the local level gives our clients an unprecedented level of insight into competitor activity and provides a valuable basis to develop strategies along multiple fronts, including advertising, go to market, PR, and social media campaigns.

The ability to monitor consumer sentiment across multiple digital channels, including Tweets, Facebook posts, podcasts, review blogs, and Youtube videos, and then aggregate such sentiment data into a database that allows our clients to quickly reduce a complex system of consumer sentiment into tractable results.

Yactraq can be engaged for our Comprehensive Intelligence Analytics on
a custom development basis.