Predictive Analysis

Yactraq´s Predictive Analytics uses data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data

Advanced Emotion

Yactraq´s Advanced Emotion Analyzes refers to the use of various methods to Analyze vocal behaviour as a marker of affect (e.g., emotions, moods, and stress), focusing on the nonverbal aspects of speech

Full Text Search

Yactraq provides advanced search and filtering to locate required text from the transcripts

Contact Center Insights

Monitor and analyze all conversations

Automatically organise and decipher raw data

Generate immediate and real-time inserts

Dramatically improve Contact Center efficiency, Agent productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Automate Call Quality and the Feedback mechanism


Real time Speech Analytics

Real-time speech analytics tools are used during a call to provide agents with guidance, such as suggesting a response to a question, reminding them to read legal disclaimers, prompting them towards the next step or even notifying a supervisor that an agent might need assistance

The 4 big benefits of speech analytics

Improves Quality of Service by Monitoring All Agent – to customer interactions

Reduces Overhead and Standard Operational Expenditures

Transforms Customer Experience

Identifies Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities

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The Yactraq way

Start small and grow (10 agents)

A Product Package to suit all Contact Center sizes

Our Pricing designed to adopt rather than defer

Pricing Plan

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Sentiment Analysis (both Word-based and Tonality-based)

Agent Evaluation Capabilities

Omnichannel Analysis

Script Deviation

Redaction and Quality Automation Module



In addition to all the features of Essential

The Professional Module enables the use of Predictive Capabilities to set KPIs

Predictive Customer Experience

Predictive Agent Assessment

Predictive Churn and Predictive Call Disposition


In addition to all the features of Professional

Enterprise Provides Real Time Capabilities

Customers can monitor calls on a Real Time basis through the Supervisor Heat Map Dashboard

The Dashboard highlights the problem calls on a live basis for Supervisor Monitoring and Intervention

The package also provides Agent Assist Bots which can recommend next best action

What We Offer

Yactraq provides Speech Analytic solutions for contact centres of all sizes

Our Speech Analytics Solution Reduces customer churn
Yactraq Mitigates compliance and risk
Deploying Yactraq in the Contact Centre increases agent productivity and reduces costs
Demonstrably improves agent performance and goal attainment

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