About Company

Yactraq v/s the Competition

Yactraq is a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions, is scalable from a Ten Agent Contact Center to a larger enterprise. The legacy vendors all focus on 100 seat minimum installations. Yactraq provides a Return On investment in under 60 days, and our customers have typically seen 400% productivity gains

Turn your customers voice into your greatest tool

Yactraq Technology Vision

Yactraq’s passion for innovation and pushing the limits of technology is tempered by a practical sense of how technology can be applied to build better businesses and drive their success. It is our belief at Yactraq that every contact centre will deploy Speech Analytics by 2023 to compete in an economy where customer experience is the key competitive differentiator and strict consumer protection regulations are many

The need to analyze the acoustic attributes of voice recordings, such as tone, pitch, pace, emphasis, is a most have feature so, clients can get far greater insight into call sentiment and can easily spot and address bad customer experiences or agent misconduct or conversely agent best practice and delighted customers

We believe that Machine Learning (ML) will continue to advance contextual accuracy allowing callers to have a loyalty score based on their interactions with the organisation. This will be an instrumental metric for many organizations looking to improve their customer experience